A Mobile Power Scooter for Mobility and Freedom

A Mobile Power Scooter could be the answer if you aren’t able to get around like you used to. Even if you only need a mobile power scooter from time to time, it’s still nice to have it there when you need it most, unlike that unreliable neighbor or long lost cousin.

A Mobile Power Scooter Means Independence

World of Independence has the mobile power scooter that fits your budget and your lifestyle. If you can still get around, ask WoidC about a mobile power scooter lift.

Disabled and handicapped people understand how frustrating it can be to lose their independence. Thankfully, World of Independence has made it easy to get your independence back with affordable mobile power scooters that will get you where you want to go, when you want to go. Best of all, you won’t have to wait for Uber or Lyft to get you home.

A Mobile Power Scooter is Affordable

Thanks to the power of WoidC, you can afford a new mobile power scooter that suits your needs. With several mobile power scooter options available, you won’t be able to say no to a new power scooter from World of Independence.

With powered mobility you can trust, WoidC will never let you down. World of Independence only carries the best brands of mobile power scooters and mobile power chairs that are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Mobile Power Scooter and More

WoidC also provides ramps, driving controls and accessories, scooter and stair lifts and vertical porch lifts to the handicapped and disabled. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the World of Independence website, call or click and talk to a team member who will be able to locate it for you.

For the best in mobility and independence, you can depend on World of Independence. Call or click for more information today.

Mobility Solutions for the Handicapped and Disabled

Knoxville’s most established mobility specialist, World of Independence is ready to give you your life back with mobility solutions that are more affordable than you think.

Why World of Independence?

Thanks to WoidC, you won’t have to depend on a family member or friend to take you grocery shopping. When you purchase a power scooter or conversion kit from World of Independence, you can go to the post office, bank, or the local mall. Whatever the location, WoidC will help you get there.

Products Available from World of Independence Include:

  • Power Scooters
  • Power Chairs
  • Driving Controls
  • Driving Accessories
  • Ramps

Power Scooters and Power Chairs-The power scooters and power chairs from World of Independence are the best and are backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. If anything should happen, you won’t have to worry about a repair or replacement. When you buy from a private dealer, you always run the risk of buying a power scooter or power chair that just doesn’t get the job done

Driving controls-Driving controls will help you get around. Those foot petals will be a thing of the past when you order driving controls from World of Independence. All of the steering controls from WoidC are detachable and come with optional extras such as interchangeable knobs and grips.

Ramps-Every ramp system can be assembled using common hand tools. The components from WoidC make it easy to move and configure depending on the location. When you purchase a movable ramp from World of Independence even the most challenged are able to move around and get out of the house.

World of Independence also carries van conversion kits, vertical porch lifts, stair lifts, and scooter lifts.

For all of your mobility needs you can count on WoidC. Shop today and save on mobility solutions for the handicapped and disabled.

Out of the Chair and Into the Car with Power Scooters and More

Power scooters have helped people gain their independence. People with disabilities have a choice when it comes to transportation. Unlike the old days when the only option was a manual wheelchair, incredible solutions are available that will get a handicapped or disabled person from point A to point B.

Mobile Options for People with Handicaps or Disabilities

There are several options available to people with disabilities or handicaps. Power scooters are operated by the user and get the driver to where he or she needs to go, but how does the user get into a vehicle?

Out of the Chair and Into the Car

World of Independence distributes Universal Motion supplies and will install a, “Turny,” to get the user from the chair into the driver’s seat. Lowered floor mini van conversions, hand controls, raised roofs and doors and companion seats are available from your freedom maker, World of Independence. A power scooter lift is the easiest way to pack up your power scooter if you are still able to make your way to the driver’s seat. Check out the available options from WoidC.

Van Conversions to Set You Free

If you have a van, but never get to drive it because you are handicapped or disabled, check out the van conversions from World of Independence. WoidC puts you back in control with affordable van conversions that really will set you free. Just imagine how great you will feel if you don’t have to depend on a driver. That vacation you couldn’t afford is possible when you order a van conversion from WoidC.

Vertical Porch Lift

Getting up and down the stairs isn’t always easy. World of Independence takes the pain out of walking the stairs with vertical porch lifts that take the pain out of getting up or down stairs. Selling your property doesn’t have to be an option when you purchase vertical porch lifts from World of Independence.

For all your mobility needs you can trust World of Independence to set you free. Shop today and save on Power Scooters, Vertical Porch Lifts, Electric Wheelchairs and more. With WoidC, you can finally get out of the house.

Shop today.

Create Your World of Independence with Power Scooters

A power scooter may be the answer if you are depressed and tired of being trapped in your home because of a disability, World of Independence is waiting to help. WoidC offers people with disabilities the opportunity to get out and enjoy life.

How Can World of Independence Help Me?

WoidC are the professionals who can help you become mobile with power scooters, electric wheelchairs and wheelchair scooters. You won’t believe how great you will feel when you can finally get out of the house without the help of another person.

If you can still get around without a power scooter or power wheelchair, talk to WoidC about disabled and handicap van conversions. Getting in and out of a vehicle has never been easier when you have a World of Independence handicap or disabled conversion.

Is it Expensive to Be Independent?

You can’t put a price on freedom. World of Independence offers competitive pricing on single fold and double fold ramp systems. While some companies only carry a few options, WoidC distributes rubber threshold, solid ramps, elevated ramps, modular and on track ramps that can get you where you need to go. However, it isn’t just handicapped people who could use a ramp system.

The ramp systems from WoidC can be used to transport anything including your prized vintage Harley Davidson. Talk to the team from WoidC, a proud distributor of ramp systems about your new ramp.

Gain your Independence with a New Ride

It isn’t always easy to find a ride. Let World of Independence take the burden off your loved ones and your pocketbook. If you are paying people to take you to the doctor or the grocery store, it’s time to build your independence with a ramp system, power scooter, handicap conversion or a wheelchair scooter.

Stop hiding at home. World of Independence will set you free with affordable mobility options that you can’t ignore.

Shop today.

Handicap and Disabled Conversions you can Afford

WoidC gives you a World of Independence offering the best solutions for handicap and disabled conversions. With WoidC, you can purchase a new scooter, buy a ramp system, or convert your van making it wheelchair accessible. With WoidC, you can even buy steering controls for your vehicle.

Steering Controls

With precise fingertip control and quality materials, the steering controls from WoidC offer a clutter free cockpit that won’t restrict you. The compact mounting system is out of the way and the self-lubricating components will give you a comfortable drive without grease stains or squeaks. With little cutting, if any, to the dashboard, your steering controls will make driving fun again, and best of all, the foot pedals are still operational for drivers without disabilities. Handicap and disabled conversions from WoidC

Bruno Stair Lift

If you are handicapped or disabled, you know how much trouble it can be to get up and down the stairs. With a Bruno Straight Rail Stair Lift, you can go up and down the stairs with ease, anytime you like. With a rack and pinion steering system, you won’t have to deal with a noisy cable or chain driven stair lift.

Power Scooters and Power Chairs

Being mobile is important, especially if you have a tough time getting around. World of Independence has the best power scooters and power chairs at prices that everyone can afford.

Since 1989, World or Independence, better known as WoidC, has been giving handicapped and disabled people handicap and disabled conversions solutions within Knox County. With WoidC, you can get where you need to go with add on accessories, vehicle conversions, stair lifts, ramps and even elevators. World of Independence also offers free services that you will not find anywhere else.

You don’t have to be stuck at home because of mobility issues. The handicap and disabled conversions solutions from WoidC really are the best.

Call or click and talk to the team from World of Independence who can help you find the best handicap and disabled conversions solution for your mobility needs. Call or click today.