Out of the Chair and Into the Car with Power Scooters and More

Power scooters have helped people gain their independence. People with disabilities have a choice when it comes to transportation. Unlike the old days when the only option was a manual wheelchair, incredible solutions are available that will get a handicapped or disabled person from point A to point B.

Mobile Options for People with Handicaps or Disabilities

There are several options available to people with disabilities or handicaps. Power scooters are operated by the user and get the driver to where he or she needs to go, but how does the user get into a vehicle?

Out of the Chair and Into the Car

World of Independence distributes Universal Motion supplies and will install a, “Turny,” to get the user from the chair into the driver’s seat. Lowered floor mini van conversions, hand controls, raised roofs and doors and companion seats are available from your freedom maker, World of Independence. A power scooter lift is the easiest way to pack up your power scooter if you are still able to make your way to the driver’s seat. Check out the available options from WoidC.

Van Conversions to Set You Free

If you have a van, but never get to drive it because you are handicapped or disabled, check out the van conversions from World of Independence. WoidC puts you back in control with affordable van conversions that really will set you free. Just imagine how great you will feel if you don’t have to depend on a driver. That vacation you couldn’t afford is possible when you order a van conversion from WoidC.

Vertical Porch Lift

Getting up and down the stairs isn’t always easy. World of Independence takes the pain out of walking the stairs with vertical porch lifts that take the pain out of getting up or down stairs. Selling your property doesn’t have to be an option when you purchase vertical porch lifts from World of Independence.

For all your mobility needs you can trust World of Independence to set you free. Shop today and save on Power Scooters, Vertical Porch Lifts, Electric Wheelchairs and more. With WoidC, you can finally get out of the house.

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