Handicap and Disabled Conversions you can Afford

WoidC gives you a World of Independence offering the best solutions for handicap and disabled conversions. With WoidC, you can purchase a new scooter, buy a ramp system, or convert your van making it wheelchair accessible. With WoidC, you can even buy steering controls for your vehicle.

Steering Controls

With precise fingertip control and quality materials, the steering controls from WoidC offer a clutter free cockpit that won’t restrict you. The compact mounting system is out of the way and the self-lubricating components will give you a comfortable drive without grease stains or squeaks. With little cutting, if any, to the dashboard, your steering controls will make driving fun again, and best of all, the foot pedals are still operational for drivers without disabilities. Handicap and disabled conversions from WoidC

Bruno Stair Lift

If you are handicapped or disabled, you know how much trouble it can be to get up and down the stairs. With a Bruno Straight Rail Stair Lift, you can go up and down the stairs with ease, anytime you like. With a rack and pinion steering system, you won’t have to deal with a noisy cable or chain driven stair lift.

Power Scooters and Power Chairs

Being mobile is important, especially if you have a tough time getting around. World of Independence has the best power scooters and power chairs at prices that everyone can afford.

Since 1989, World or Independence, better known as WoidC, has been giving handicapped and disabled people handicap and disabled conversions solutions within Knox County. With WoidC, you can get where you need to go with add on accessories, vehicle conversions, stair lifts, ramps and even elevators. World of Independence also offers free services that you will not find anywhere else.

You don’t have to be stuck at home because of mobility issues. The handicap and disabled conversions solutions from WoidC really are the best.

Call or click and talk to the team from World of Independence who can help you find the best handicap and disabled conversions solution for your mobility needs. Call or click today.