Knoxville Van Modifications for Mobility

Van modifications are available in East Tennessee from Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer, Woidc. Mobility solutions for the disabled will give you, your family, or your friend’s independence at unbeatable prices.


Getting in and out of a vehicle is no fun if you are handicapped. You know how difficult it can be if you haven’t had your van or vehicle modified for your disability. Woidc can modify your van so that you can get in and out with ease whether you need hand controls, a wheelchair lift, or need to adjust the foot pedals for easy driving.


You are almost there if you are already getting around in an unmodified van. Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer has the expertise and the experience to convert both side and back entry vans. Regardless of the van modifications needed, Woidc will take care of you and your vehicle.


If your vehicle meets the van modification requirements Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer will customize your vehicle to your specifications. Each new van modification will be ready to go as quickly as possible in order to get you back in the driver’s seat.


Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer has the tools and the technicians for van modifications, and will make sure that your new van modification is up to code and certified for your safety.


If you get around in a power scooter, wheelchair, wheelchair scooter or any other disability tool and you already have a minivan, you could be a good candidate for van modification from Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer, Woidc. Woidc takes the hassle out of driving making it a pleasurable experience instead of a chore


Let Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer take care of your van modification needs. You really can have a more independent life with a Knoxville van modification. Call or click for more information and start living your life again.


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