Hand Controls for Freedom and Mobility

Hand controls are what you rely on if you are handicapped. Driving a vehicle if you are disabled is incredibly satisfying and can actually boost your self-confidence, but if you are having problems using the accelerator and the brakes, hand controls may be in order.


According to research, the disabled and handicapped receive a great deal of satisfaction if they are able to get out of the house and take a drive. Shopping and other tasks that others take for granted are the highlight of their day.


Most people take driving for granted, but if you were to put yourself in his or her shoes for an afternoon, you would think differently. Having hand controls in your car, truck, SUV or van makes a huge difference if you are handicapped or disabled.


Woidc has several hand control systems that will take care of your mobility issues. If you need to drive with your arms and your hands, talk to Woidc about hand controls for your vehicle. However, it isn’t just the disabled and the handicapped that benefit from hand controls.


People who are subject to neuropathy may find it painful to push the pedals. If using the accelerator and applying the brakes is an issue, you may find relief with hand controls installed by Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer, Woidc. Anyone who has problems with their feet and legs, including painful arthritis, can benefit with hand controls from Woidc.


Other mobility issues that can be helped with hand controls from Woidc include hip, knee and back problems. Being mobile is incredibly important, but comfort really is the key. Woidc offers affordable mobility solutions that really will make a difference.


You don’t have to live with mobility issues. Call or click and talk to a team member from Woidc, Knoxville’s #1 mobility dealer in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Call or click for more information today.